Really neat idea and great product. I have a white ring stick up camera and it fit great and very easily into this and it definitely camouflages the ring camera very well. And the motion detection and camera works
the same as it did before I placed it in there - so it does a good job like it mentioned - It was shipped right away and the vendor also got back to me right away and answered my question.



The Camasker is able to hide a Ring Stick Up Cam or Ring Indoor Camera as long as you insert the Camera into the correct locations, you are also able to use all of the Ring Cam features (Video, Mic, Night Vision etc.) The plant has 2 sides, one for the Ring Stick Up Cam and one for the Ring Indoor Cam. Using the Battery powered Ring Stick Up Cam allows you to have a mobile, hidden camera that you can place anywhere in your home for spying on a nanny or catching someone in the act of stealing something from your home.


BigC Vlogs

Works perfectly and makes my camera more discreet and stylish I bought a few for myself and my sisters. From the average distance someone would stand, it’s not very noticeable that there’s a camera inside the plant. Exactly what I needed to make my cameras blend in a little better. Worked fine with my Ring Indoor cam and my Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.


Sonny A.

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