Hide Nest Camera | CAMASKER for Nest Cam Indoor

https://camasker.com/products/camasker-for-nest-cam-indoor - Hide Nest Camera with CAMASKER! Designed to hide your Nest Cam Indoor without interfering with its function. Turn your Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera into a Hidden Camera with CAMASKER.

• Works with Nest Cam Indoor

• Covers & Protects Your Nest Cam Indoor Camera

• Looks Just Like a Plant • Does NOT Block Camera View

• Does NOT Block Microphone

• Does NOT Block Speaker

• Does NOT Block Light Sensor

• Decorate & Hide Your Nest Cam Indoor Home Security Camera

• Discreet Housing Cover Keeps Your Nest Cam Safe

CAMASKER also includes a sticker pack that you can use to hide that annoying BLUE LED Light on your camera. The #1 Way to Hide Your Nest Cam Indoor.

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